When individuals who lead without title come together with a common objective, a team is born. The Edu-Info-Tech Consult team consists of the right blend of managers and IT professionals. Here’s what some of our leaders do as part of their role in shaping our success

Puininin Godwin 

CCTV Expertise 

5 years experience cctv installer and repairer.

Raymond A. Davis

Chairman and C.E.O 

business magnate,web developer, mobile App developer, software developer, investor, and philanthropist.

Thompson  Glory Monday

Graphics and Networking Expertise

5 years experience in networking and graphics design.

Nickolas Apkas

Back -Developer

10 years  experience in back- end developing, php, java script, Jquery, SQL etc

Olisa Macaulay 

IT Consultant 

10 years in the industry, web management, generating unlimited phone number, etc.

Thankgod Ologiba 

Business Developer / Digital Marketer 

5yrs experience in Business development and Digital Marketer 

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